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This is the official Podcast of On PWP Podcasts you will find a variety of shows, each with a different emphasis. Our Newscasts cover major indie wrestling results, upcoming shows, & discuss broad topics within indie wrestling. The Podcast of Honor focuses on Ring of Honor while VIVA CHIKARA is your one stop show for everything within the CHIKARA universe. We also occasionally have PWP Xtra where we go into in depth conversations with either wrestlers, bookers, or management of various promotions and get their opinion on major topics. is focused on bringing INDIE wrestling to everyone. Please check out for all of our written content and of course contact us at with your questions or comments.
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Apr 12, 2017

Chris GST and Rich Laconi are back to talk about all the results from the weekend. AAW, AIW, CZW, and CWF Mid Atlantic. They talk about Rich's experience at the ROH TV tapings without divulging spoilers. News about WWE interested in a former ROH talent and a preview for NOVA Pro's Commonwealth Cup event. Send your thoughts to

Apr 9, 2017

Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, Chris Miccio, & RIch Laconi are back for a fun show. Full review and fallout from Supercard of Honor. Hardy's leaving. Gresham signed. Spoilers from Charmed City Excellence. There's a lot to talk about and lots of fun banter. Send your thoughts to 

Apr 5, 2017

Rich Laconi and Dylan Hales are here to run down a ton of news and results coming out of Wrestlemania 33 and the entire weekend of shows. Lots of fun banter plus Curt Stallion joins the duo to talk about Glory Pro and other topics. So much stuff to talk about. This is not one to miss. Send your thoughts to

Mar 29, 2017

Chris GST & Rich Laconi are back and there's no bones about it. They run down results from AIW and CWF Mid Atlantic. Talk about the ROH/WWE rumors. Then a full run down of the Wrestlemania 33 schedule. Major shows. Minor shows. Why Marty Jannetty should have the best weekend of everyone. Hulk Hogan signings. And so much more. Enjoy. Send thoughts to

Mar 28, 2017

Jason Kincaid spoke with PWP about a myriad of topics. He talks about winning the Glory Pro Championship. How he brings his style when it comes to wrestling and doesn't worry about what others say. Kincaid then talks about his time in EVOLVE and what it has done for his career. A fun discussion. Send your thoughts to 

Mar 28, 2017

For the first time in four years, CHIKARA is returning to Florida as a part of the WWN Live Experience! JUSTIN and Kevin run down both cards in full detail with predictions, storyline possibilities, and some asides as well. If you’re attending either event in Orlando, this is the podcast to get you caught up to speed on all things CHIKARA.


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Mar 26, 2017

As is tradition, Kevin Ford and Matt Waters reunite for the only time in a calendar year (sparing Justin Houston) to discuss the showcase of the Immortals: WrestleMania! Join the terrific triumvirate as they discuss WWE’s two big events in excruciating, painstaking detail. In addition to predictions, the tandem discusses where they are in their wrestling fandom, differences between RAW and Smackdown!, the future of the brands and NXT, and of course non-sequiturs into random topics. Plus, Kevin runs down his Orlando schedule as he’ll be attending both these events (and more!) in person. Get ready for the reason for the season with this aural adventure!

Mar 23, 2017

Where has Kerry been? What about Dog Days? Kerry checks in with the subscribers of PWPonderings as he tries to explain the juggling act of the real world and wrestling and the stress and blessings that come with it.

Kerry gives some insights on the future of Dog Days and The Carnies in this quick update.

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Mar 22, 2017

Chris GST and Rich Laconi are back to discuss tons of results and news from the world of indie wrestling. They talk about PWG, AAW, Beyond, and What Culture results. Having the former Pentagon Jr as a Champion in multiple promotions. They also discuss the news of the contract issues from ROH. Jason Kincaid also joins them and talks about EVOLVE, what it means to be Glory Pro Champion, what it was like to be on the first show of a growing promotion, and more. Send your thoughts to 

Mar 19, 2017

Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, Chris Miccio, and Rich Laconi are back to talk about all the fun that was had at 15th Anniversary, answer your questions, and more. They talk about the fall out from the PPV, where certain storylines could be headed, and tackle the question as to what could be next for Daniels. Then a lengthy discussion about all the contract issues including Fish, Rush, Castle, and others. They also answer your questions and then at the tail end hit up two major spoilers from the TV tapings (with fair warning). A great (and lengthy) show. Send your thoughts to 

Mar 15, 2017

Chris GST, Rich Laconi, and Dylan Waco have a lot of things to talk about. Including what Dylan says wXw does right that American indies should pay attention to. What Chris thought of the ROH 15th Anni PPV live. What Rich thinks about the big news of Lio Rush coming to EVOLVE fresh off a match in ROH. CWF Kernoodle Cup tournament, results of the weekend, and more. Lots of great discussion plus who our special guest is for next week. Send your thoughts to

Mar 12, 2017

On this episode of Bleeding Black & Yellow/Orange & White/Purple & More Purple, Wiggy chats with Jake and Dave Crist about new characters, The Artist crossing paths with Scarlet & Graves and kissing dudes.

Mar 9, 2017

Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, and Rich Laconi discuss Rich's and Ari's live perspective from Manhattan Mayhem including some fun stories and details about the shocking return of the Hardys and Bully Ray. The good, the bad, and more about all the matches including why Ari was screaming during the Ospreay/Lee match. Then they preview the entire 15th Anniversary PPV and talk about what the future of ROH looks like. Lots of fun in this return of the POH. Send your thoughts to

Mar 8, 2017

Chris GST, Rich Laconi, and Dylan Hales are back to discuss all the top news in indie wrestling. Fallout from ROH Manhattan Mayhem with the Hardy's as the new ROH Tag Team Champs to Bully Ray and hwo he fits into the Anniversary show. A great look into the Scenic City Rumble, the winner, and what it means for the Scenic City Invitational. Tons of results from all over the indie scene. Then the crew delves into the news including Zack Sabre Jr in Suzuki Gun, TNA departures and where they might end up, and more. Send your thoughts to

Mar 1, 2017

Rich Laconi and Dylan Hales are back with some great discusison. They covered results from CWF Mid-Atlantic, Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment, the ROH/NJPW joint shows, and Evolve with a lengthy discussion on both Evolve events. They also briefly ran down details on the AAW and On Point cards, went into a little more detail on ROH's show in Manhattan, and then ran down the Scenic City Rumble card in full.

Feb 28, 2017

Kevin and JUSTIN shed some light on what CHIKARA’s “secret season” is all about, their thoughts, and if they think other companies could pull it off. They dig into both of the impending New England events coming up this weekend, running down both cards in full. They also discuss the joys of watching wrestler’s grow, giving some love to recent Wrestle Factory students in the process.


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Feb 28, 2017

On this episode of the Hardcore Roundtable Chris and Ami talk CZW 18 , the tribute for Kevin Hogan, a NJ superfan. We also discuss H20's Hardcore Kingdom, debate CZW news and talk about the recent change of Matt Tremont from "The Bulldozer " to "Father Matthew Tremont".

Feb 23, 2017

Chris GST, Rich Laconi, and Dylan Hales are here to run down tons of results and news. A live perspective from Brian for PWG. Results from PWX, Tier 1 Lucha, PWX, AIW, AAW, and Glory Pro who crowned their first champion. Thoughts on ROH latest news and release on spoilers, booking philosophy, and full rundowns of shows coming up including EOLVE 78 & 79, Beyond Wrestling, AWE, and CWF Mid Atlantic. Send your thoughts to 



Feb 17, 2017

In this weeks podcast I catch up with photographer Ichiban Drunk & owner/wrestler of Freelance Prowrestling Matt Knicks as we share the parallels between DIY punk music and Freelance Wrestling.

Make sure to give them a follow at @IchibanDrunk & @FreelanceWres

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Feb 16, 2017

Chris GST and Rich Laconi run through a ton of results and news this week. They look at FIP, Style Battle, ROH, CZW 18th Anniversary, and the Freelance results. Rich talks about what was cut from ROH television where it concerns Keith Lee's final night with the company. They also talk about Donovan Dijak's message to his fans as it concerns his future with the company. News out of, CWF Mid Atlantic, and more. They run down all the events coming up including Tier 1 Lucha, AAW, AIW, and more. Then they discuss the spoilers as it concerns the newest member of the Bullet Club. Send your thoughts to

Feb 13, 2017

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Feb 8, 2017

Chris GST, Rich Laconi, and Dyla Hales are back to discuss some major stories in indie wrestling. The secret tapings of CHIKARA season 17 and their release platform, Donovan Dijak & Michael Elgin in EVOLVE, Kevin Kelly gone from an office position in ROH, and more. They talk about the ROH events that happened this past weekend plus take a look ahead at major shows going on this weekend. Send your thoughts to 

Feb 6, 2017

In Episode 8 of Dog Days we are in for our first giant sized episode where we cover two separate topics. The first part will be with Michael Elgin as we cover the entrepreneurship of starting Glory Pro and giving back to the business, and the second half covers "friendship" in an unconventional way in wrestling with the world famous Hales Clan!



Feb 2, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; National Pro Wrestling Day! JUSTIN and Kevin Ford are here to chat and make some predictions about this incredibly intriguing card. They talk about all the new debuts in the company, some character changes that may occur, potential fallout from the season finale, and who they think is being set up to challenge for the Grand Championship. There’s discussion about the CHIKARA calendar, WrestleMania weekend, and more as well! Get ready for pro wrestling’s only national holiday.


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Feb 1, 2017

Chris GST & Rich Laconi are joined by Dylan Hales to talk about all the fun that was EVOLVE 76 & 77 as this was Hero's goodbye to indie wrestling. Dylan gives his live views and a fun discussion about Hero and what talents could take that big spot left open. Then a discussion about CWF Mid Atlantic and the impact (no pun intended) by the Hardy's on the indie scene. Then discussion about Beyond Wrestling and their big shows from this weekend. Lots of fun talk about other topics such as Powerbomb.TV, ROH, and more.

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