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This is the official Podcast of On PWP Podcasts you will find a variety of shows, each with a different emphasis. Our Newscasts cover major indie wrestling results, upcoming shows, & discuss broad topics within indie wrestling. The Podcast of Honor focuses on Ring of Honor while VIVA CHIKARA is your one stop show for everything within the CHIKARA universe. We also occasionally have PWP Xtra where we go into in depth conversations with either wrestlers, bookers, or management of various promotions and get their opinion on major topics. is focused on bringing INDIE wrestling to everyone. Please check out for all of our written content and of course contact us at with your questions or comments.
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Jan 25, 2017

Chris GST and Rich Laconi are back to discuss all the news and some results from the past weekend. Some heavy discussion about the over saturation of WWE content and the adverse affects it has on indie wrestling in terms of viewing habits and ticket sales. Updates from CZW, CWF, Tier 1, ROH, and more. Then a great in depth discussion with Drew Cordeiro of Beyond not only previewing his big shows this weekend, but he addresses the rumored reports of Beyond being on the "ban" list for ROH, what talents may or may not work for Beyond after a certain point, and more. We as always are thankful for Drew for coming on to discuss these issues. Send your thoughts to 

Jan 23, 2017

This week on Dog Days , Kerry catches up with his good friend Clint who use to make pro wrestling gear in addition to pro wrestling belts and wrestling! We go through a couple of things all aspiring and wrestlers should know while talking to the men/woman that sew their gear and also what expectations are realistic.

Jan 18, 2017

Chris GST & Rich Laconi are here to discuss some big news regarding ROH contract's of Keith Lee & Donovan Dijak, Beyond Wrestling being put on the ROH "banned" list, and more. Results from PWX, Wrestle Circus, and ROH spoilers are discussed. The spoilers are at the end of the show so you can listen to the Newscast without having anything revealed that you aren't warned of. Also news for CZW, Beyond Wrestling, Tier 1, WWNlive, EVOLVE, and lots of other discussion. Send your thoughts to

Jan 12, 2017

This week we have an informal talk with a multitude of people before AWE SOTY3 to tackle the subject of loss and sacrifice in wrestling and coping mechanisms to deal with stressful times. This week we have Jimmy Rave, Kyle Mathews, and Ethan Case along with a surprise appearance from David Starr.

Jan 10, 2017

Chris GST and Rich Laconi are back to discuss the huge New Year's week in indie wrestling. Eddy C joins them to discuss the fallout of Wrestle Kingdom 11, 6 star matches, and more. Ari Berenstein then joins to talk about the ROH World Title match, ROH contract updates, and other topics. Rich gives his impression of the new WWNLive Style Battle S1 E1 and the "new" FIP. "Breaking" news on PWG's next event and more round out this episode of the Newscast. Send your thoughts to


As always we'd like to thank the Mystery Men for providing the music. 

Jan 3, 2017

Chris GST and Rich Laconi are here with the first Newscast of 2017. They have tons of news to talk about including contract updates for ROH World Champion Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish, and Shane Taylor. They discuss the ramifications of the Wrestle Kingdom 11 ROH Title match and where this could be leading when it comes to who could win at the Anniversary PPV. Chris runs down a lot of major results from this past weekend including CWF Mid Atlantic Battlecade, AIW, AAW, Beyond Wrestling, and more. They also discuss some of the latest news for WWNLive, EVOLVE, FIP, Tier 1, along with other topics. Send your feedback to

Jan 1, 2017

In this episode of Dog Days Kerry talks with Chris Richards and Tony Givens the minds behind NWA Smoky Mountain and what happens help make them one of the most unique southern wrestling Feds and a hotbed for future talent.

Dec 27, 2016

Chris GST runs down the upcoming events from Beyond Wrestling, AAW, CWF Mid Atlantic, and more. News, announced matches, and some website updates. 

Dec 23, 2016
Ever wondered what the first year is like for an independent wrestling promotion? Mike King, the booker and matchmaker for NOVA Pro, and Kevin Ford, lead commentator for NOVA Pro, discuss the ins and outs of the company's first calendar year. They go show by show discussing thoughts behind each event, certain stand out matches and talent, why certain advertised and unadvertised matches never happened, and lots more! If you were ever curious as how how an independent wrestling company operates, this 2 hour journey is the show for you.
Dec 20, 2016

In this episode of Dog Days we explore the world and commitment of being a tag team wrestler with special guest the NWA World Tag Team Champions the Heatseekers and 2/3 of The Ugly Ducklings. Special cameos from White Mike and Timmy Lou Retton.

Dec 15, 2016

Chris GST and Rich Laconi are here to discuss the big weekend of results including EVOLVE, Tier 1, Beyond Wrestling, CWF Mid Atlantic, CZW, and more. Rich goes over what he liked on all three iPPVs. They also discuss the possible signings of Kimber Lee, Heidi Lovelace, Evie, and Chris Hero. Plus talk about NJPW running in the US and having Wrestle Kingdom 11 shown on AXS tv. Lots of talk. Send your thoughts to

Dec 8, 2016

Kerry opens up some about his private life by having his fiancé Ellen on to talk about the trials and tribulations of dating and independent professional wrestler.

Dec 6, 2016

Chris GST has a packed show this week for the Newscast. Rich Laconi joins him to talk about Final Battle, updates on the Young Bucks, new ROH champions, and a live perspective of the PPV. They also do previews for Tier 1, Beyond Wrestling, CZW, and EVOLVE. Two big guests on the show include Darius Carter to talk about his disgruntled feelings about Tier 1 management and their upcoming show Resurgence. Then Chris DePetrillo of Figure Toy Co that are making the Rising Stars, Legends, and Ring of Honor figure series joins Chris GST and Chris Miccio to talk about action figures, the process, the sculpting, and answers your questions. Enjoy the show and send your thoughts to

Dec 4, 2016

Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, Chris Miccio, and Rich Laconi are back with a huge review of Final Battle 2016. Lots of discussion that includes who the real winners and losers were, why the Castle/Cabana match was not everything it could have been, and more. They also discuss the update about the Young Bucks contract status. Lots of insight in this episode. Send your thoughts to

Nov 30, 2016

The Season 16 CHIKARA finale is upon us! JUSTIN and Kevin Ford are here to chat and predict both cards. Who will be unmasked? Who will win the 12th annual Torneo Cibernetico? Could their be a double agent in our midsts? Also: off topic conversation about Japanese wrestlers in America and Mysterium Populus. Listen!


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Nov 29, 2016

Chris GST with a quick newscast this week running down major results from the weekend, an update on POwerbomb TV, PWG news, WWNLive updates and more. Send your thoughts to

Nov 29, 2016

Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, Chris Miccio, and Rich Laconi are here to preview the biggest ROH show of the year. They talk about the TV Title changes that took place in the UK and the ramifications of that going forward. They preview Final Battle and answer all the questions sent in from They talk about the Decade of Excellence and TV tapings and more. Send your thoughts to

Nov 24, 2016

Kerry catches up with Nick Maniwa for the first time in two years and it's like they haven't missed a beat. Nick helped Kerry get his feet into modern independent wrestling house holds as he does with a plethora of incoming wrestling stars. Listen to them shoot the breeze, talk IWA-MS, and local wrestling in the Kentucky/Indiana area

Nov 22, 2016

We have a packed show this week. Chris GST and Rich Laconi discuss the results out of ROH UK tour and what it means with all the TV Title changes. They also discuss the new partners for Powerbomb.TV and what it means for the consumer. If that isn't enough PWX Director of Production and Creative Patrick comes on to talk about the X-16 Tourney, FloSlam partnership, and what changes have come. Sonny Kiss joins for a small bit (sorry, the audio portion for this is kind of bad) to talk about Tier 1's upcoming show where he could end up facing Rudeboy Riley & Davey Richards. Then Michael Elgin comes on to discuss his thoughts on the current NJPW product, a surprising interaction he had with ROH, and his vision for Glory Pro. Lots of stuff. Hope you all enjoy on your Thanksgiving holiday week. Please send your thoughts to

Nov 15, 2016

Kevin Ford and Rich Laconi review EVOLVE from this past weekend in a long segment. Tons of fun discussion. Chris GST runs over the rest of the news including new FloSlam promotions, two new WWE signings, and more. Chris is then joined by Dennis Long of Tier 1 Wrestling to discuss their next big show Resurgence feat Davey Richards, Rudeboy Riley, Caleb Konley, & more. They discuss a myriad of topics. Then at the very end you can find out how you can win a set of PWG BOLA 2016 DVDs. Send your feedback to

Nov 13, 2016

Chris GST is joined by Ari Berenstein, Chris Miccio, & Rich Laconi in what is probably one of the best episodes of the POH. They discuss the Road to Final Battle title match between Cole and Young, the fallout from Survival of the Fittest, what ROH could be doing by signing new talent, and preview the upcoming Reach for the Sky tour shows. There is a lot of fun banter about ROH action figures and if you tolerate it, find out how you can get an extra entry into the upcoming PWG BOLA 2016 Giveaway contest. Send your thoughts to

Nov 12, 2016
Kelly Klein: Rich Laconi of Running Wild Podcast sits down with Women of Honor star, Kelly Kelin. The two talk about how Klein's education influenced her work in wrestling and how she became interested in the industry by happenstance. Klein also goes in depth about her feelings regarding her undefeated streak, the lack of a championship in the Women of Honor division and her future goals in the business. 


Nov 8, 2016

Chris GST is joined by Rich Laconi to talk about a ton of results from all the tournaments that went on this weekend. They discuss the fallout from ROH's Survival of the Fittest. Some thoughts on the Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Today and what Rich is looking forward to watching. They discuss some big news out of Tier 1 wrestling, EVOLVE, and give updates on ROH. Then Chris GST is joined by Pierre Abernathy about the future of ST Louis Anarchy, a preview for their last show, and what is missing in indie wrestling today. A fun conversation. Send your thoughts to 

Nov 2, 2016

This episode is DENSE. On top of JUSTIN and Kevin previewing this weekend’s shows exhaustively, the duo discusses their thoughts on some of CHIKARA’s newer characters, the Nazmaldun angle, where they think the company is headed as the season finale looms near, and recalling a can’t miss opportunity that CHIKARA didn’t take and how they just might do it again. Don’t miss out one of the finest episodes in VIVA history.


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Nov 1, 2016

Chris GST goes over results from Wrestling Revolver and Freelance. Some notes from upcoming EVOLVE and ROH shows. Then Dr. Keith joins him to preview the upcoming AAW Never Say Die show featuring BROKEN Matt Hardy and Chris Hero vs Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett. Lots of fun. Send your thoughts to

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