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This is the official Podcast of On PWP Podcasts you will find a variety of shows, each with a different emphasis. Our Newscasts cover major indie wrestling results, upcoming shows, & discuss broad topics within indie wrestling. The Podcast of Honor focuses on Ring of Honor while VIVA CHIKARA is your one stop show for everything within the CHIKARA universe. We also occasionally have PWP Xtra where we go into in depth conversations with either wrestlers, bookers, or management of various promotions and get their opinion on major topics. is focused on bringing INDIE wrestling to everyone. Please check out for all of our written content and of course contact us at with your questions or comments.
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May 28, 2017

Christopher Lawrence is Joined By Ronnie from the Nerd port network, and they discuss CZW Sacrifices, Sami Callihan taking over creative at CZW and they Preview GCW Tournament of Survival, and CZW Tournament of Death 16. They also Discuss Joe Gacy's Title reign. For all your news and reviews in the world of independent wrestling check out , and


May 24, 2017
Rich Laconi and Dylan Hales run down CWF,PWG, PWX,Beyond, Resistance Pro and Freelance results. Then Rich discusses the EVOLVE 84,85 shows in more detail. Rich finishes up the Newscast about the ROH, NJPW,CMLL, Rev Pro War of the World Tour announcement. The show finishes up with the upcoming AIW JLIT tournament and Glory Pro.


May 23, 2017

CHIKARA is transitioning into young womanhood this Saturday with it’s 15th Aniversario celebration! To celebrate, CHIKARA is returning to the town of Hellertown, PA for the first time in nearly 9 years. Kevin reminisces on CHIKARA memories and historical moments from the building, quizzing JUSTIN’s knowledge in the process. Then the tandem runs down the show featuring players from CHIKARA’s past and present. It’s a fun trip down memory lane on this edition of ¡VIVA CHIKARA!

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May 18, 2017

Kerry sits down with Mance Warner to get his take on wrestling an unconventional style, and his opinions on wrestling. From learning under Billy Roc, his IWAMS work, and which independent wrestling celebrity actually pointed him towards Billy's wrestling school.

May 17, 2017

Chris GST and Rich Laconi are back to talk about a myriad of topics from this past week. The ROH War of the Worlds shows including the NYC PPV. The good, the bad, and if the Scurll reveal could have been booked in a different segment. They talk about what the the results of the PPV mean for the winners and losers and much more. They run down results from CWF Mid Atlantic and CZW who both have new Champions. Sami Callihan as CZW's new head of creative and its ramifications. NJPW's new IWGP US Championship and tournament. Kevin Ford joins Chris to talk about the upcoming NOVA Pro show and more. They also delve into the SPOILERS from ROH's TV tapings at the very end of the show so you can skip them if you'd like. A fun show overall. Send your thoughts to

May 11, 2017

Chris GST is joined by Ari Berenstein, Rich Laconi, and Larry Csonka of 411Mania to talk about all the news in ROH. They talk about the SBG/Tribune purchase and what it could mean. Look over the results of the first two WotW shows. They preview the big WotW PPV and discuss the pros and cons of a possible Cody Rhodes Title reign. Lots of other fun discussion as well including some post show banter. Send your thoughts to

May 10, 2017

Chris GST, Rich Laconi, and Dylan Hales are back with a TON of news to talk about. APW Cow Palace show drawing reportedly around 3000 people, the head scratching results from the first ROH War of the Worlds show, and AAW results with what is reportedly an amazing match between Elgin and Zack Sabre Jr. The trio also talk about the strange twitter flame with a Kings of Leon bandmember, run down the War of the Worlds tour & PPV shows, talk about what the purchase of Tribune could mean for ROH (we also highly recommend you go read the article on, and much more. Their is also an insightful interview with Glory Pro owner/operator Michael Elgin who talks about his students, the matches, the future of Jason Kincaid, his NJPW dates, and more. A fun show all around. Send your feedback to

May 7, 2017

Kerry Awful returns with a new Dog Days discussing a lot of topics and an interview with Martin Stone

May 3, 2017

Chris GST and Rich Laconi discuss the results from this past weekend including the two ROH shows and some of the issues with the booking. They talk about how Silas Young is getting a push but how the loss to Bully Ray seems out of place, why Matt Taven's win over Cole actually does make sense, and the tag team division. They also discuss the results from Beyond Wrestling and other results. They are joined by Danny Adams for a fun conversation about his time in Glory Pro, what sets it apart, what is going on in NWL St Louis, and more. Billy Corgan's purchase of the NWA is also discussed in detail as to what Billy purchased and some of his history in pro wrestling outside of TNA. News from AAW, EVOLVE, and other promotions rounds out this episode. Send your thoughts to or leave a comment below.

May 3, 2017

The third installment of CHIKARA’s answer to the Royal Rumble, the Infinite Gauntlet, takes place this Saturday afternoon! JUSTIN and Kevin run down the competitors and pontificate on a possible winner. Plus: chatter about the three non-Gauntlet bouts, some thoughts from Kevin on Season 17, Juan Francisco de Coronado as Grand Champion, origins of two wrestling fans, and more!


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