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This is the official Podcast of On PWP Podcasts you will find a variety of shows, each with a different emphasis. Our Newscasts cover major indie wrestling results, upcoming shows, & discuss broad topics within indie wrestling. The Podcast of Honor focuses on Ring of Honor while VIVA CHIKARA is your one stop show for everything within the CHIKARA universe. We also occasionally have PWP Xtra where we go into in depth conversations with either wrestlers, bookers, or management of various promotions and get their opinion on major topics. is focused on bringing INDIE wrestling to everyone. Please check out for all of our written content and of course contact us at with your questions or comments.
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Mar 31, 2018

As is tradition, Kevin Ford, Justin Houston and Matt Waters reunite for the only time in a calendar year to discuss the showcase of the Immortals: WrestleMania! Join the terrific triumvirate as they discuss WWE’s two big events in excruciating, painstaking detail. In addition to predictions, the three of them discuss general feelings on WWE, fandoms, and other non-sequiturs. Get ready for the reason for the season with this aural adventure!


Mar 29, 2018

Chris GST is joined by Chris Charlton, the author of Lion's Pride and the new upcoming EGGSHELLS book where he will delve into the major events that have happened at the Tokyo Dome. Charlton discusses his wrestling fandom, living in Japan, awesome stories he's learned from writing the book, and his thoughts on the Strong Style EVOLVED show from the US. 

Mar 27, 2018

Rich and Dylan take the helm this week as GST couldn’t join us but have great discussion about women’s independent wrestling as well as looking at Inspire pro and Wrestle Circus’s different booking philosophies. Then Brian joins them to share his live perspective as they discuss NJPW Strong Style Evolved and PWG, specifically focusing on Pwg’s new venue and Chuck Taylor’s title run. Despite all this, Rich managed to get a Glacier reference in!

Mar 26, 2018
Jerome and Brian haven't put anything into the Pile of Shame yet, so they decide to have a litmus test. If Catwoman doesn't get in, it's time to re-think the whole process. Suffer along with the dynamic duo as they review a truly wretched film with almost no redeemable qualities. 
Mar 20, 2018

Chris, Rich, and Dylan are back to talk about this past weekend results. They talk about the effect of partnerships within indie wrestling. Then they talk about the upcoming NJPW show that seems to be going under the radar. Send your thoughts to

Mar 19, 2018
Jerome and Brian discuss Guillermo Del Toro's third and final comic book film, Hellboy II: The Golden Army. The duo is pleasantly surprised by what they saw. Although neither can remember first seeing it (it literally came out a week before The Dark Knight), they both come away enjoying it more than the first film. Is it enough put in the Superhero Pantheon? Find out. 
Mar 14, 2018

Chris, Rich, and Dylan are back tonight to talk about some big topics in indie wrestling. The former Kimber Lee, Abbey Laith returns to the indie scene. ROH has a big show. MLW tapes for TV. and the issue of wrestlers playing politics and the impact it is having on the current indie scene. Send your thoughts to

Mar 13, 2018

CHIKARA’s longest running annual tradition is here again, as sixteen competitors aged 25 years or younger will compete for the prize of the coveted Young Lions Cup! Wrestlers from all around the country are represented, and JUSTIN and Kevin will tell you who they think will take the Cup home! Additionally, two Tag World Grand Prix qualifying matches are discussed, including the return of two favorites, and a big grudge match that has a world of promise.


Plus: The reveal of the first team in King of Trios, and Kevin talks about his experience doing commentary with Mike Quackenbush at NOVA Pro’s “Sink or Swim” event!


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Mar 12, 2018

Chris, Ari, Miccio, and Rich are  back to go over what was a fun PPV from ROH. They break it down match by match. Go over the ramifications, what each match result could mean, and overall what it does for ROH going forward. They also have some discussion about the upcoming SuperCard of Honor event. Send your thoughts to 

Mar 10, 2018
Jerome and Brian celebrate the now two time Academy Award winning director Guillermo Del Toro's second superhero film, Hellboy. The duo discusses their mixed feeling on the film but having some kind words for Ron Perlman's performance and the visual aspects of the film. The script and the way the female characters are written have a bit more to be desired. It's the first of two straight weeks looking at Del Toro's work as March rolls on. 
Mar 6, 2018

Chris and Rich are back to talk about Rich's live perspective of ROH's Manhattan Mayhem and a small preview for their 16th anniversary PPV. Jerome and Ryan update us on the RAINN fundraiser and some thoughts on the Sami Callihan situation. Rich and Chris also bring up some of the fun marketing that Game Changer Wrestling is doing in indie wrestling. Send your thoughts to


Sorry for the audio quality on some of the spots. Skype was cutting in and out a lot. 

Mar 4, 2018
Jerome and Brian are back to talk about the underrated and often forgotten Captain America: The First Avenger. The villains aren't great, but the nazis are evil. Chris Evans blows his previous performances out of the water and redeems his time as Johnny Storm with an earnest and job as Captain America. This is the second MCU film that will be discussed in terms of the pantheon. Expect a lot more in the ramp up to Avengers: Infinity War.