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This is the official Podcast of On PWP Podcasts you will find a variety of shows, each with a different emphasis. Our Newscasts cover major indie wrestling results, upcoming shows, & discuss broad topics within indie wrestling. The Podcast of Honor focuses on Ring of Honor while VIVA CHIKARA is your one stop show for everything within the CHIKARA universe. We also occasionally have PWP Xtra where we go into in depth conversations with either wrestlers, bookers, or management of various promotions and get their opinion on major topics. is focused on bringing INDIE wrestling to everyone. Please check out for all of our written content and of course contact us at with your questions or comments.
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Feb 17, 2018
We're two months into our podcast run, but and to celebrate the two month anniversary, Jerome and Brian review their first sequel as they gear up for Black Panther next week. This week, they explore the underrated Blade 2. Find out whether we really missed anything by having a sex scene deleted and some of the influences on this action/horror combo film. It's the best of the series as Wesley Snipes gets to show personality, Ron Perlman gets a little racist, and what the hell happened to Whistler?
Feb 13, 2018

What a week it has turned out to be. Chris is joined by Jerome Cusson first to talk about the recent Powerbomb.TV issues with co-founder Adam Lash and the recent developments. Chris and Rich recorded on Monday and talk about a lot of the results from this past weekend including ROH livestream, CWF Mid Atlantic, CZW, Tetsujin, and more. They also discuss the upcoming Scenic City Invitational news. They also delve into what the NWA is doing with James Ellsworth and what a mistake they think it is. Lots of other topics are discussed as well including Being the Elite storylines and how it affects ROH. Send your thoughts to

Feb 13, 2018

National Pro Wrestling Day is here once again, live and free to attend! CHIKARA is pulling out all the stops this years, loading the card with three title matches, a major debut, and many matches with implications on future CHIKARA events. JUSTIN and Kevin talk about the entire card, promising new characters, some of their favorite (and least favorite moments) from the Season Premiere, Joey Janela and Tony Deppen in CHIKARA, and how the Grand Championship has distorted JUSTIN’s perception of CHIKARA history.


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Feb 12, 2018

Chris is joined by AAW analyst Derek Walker and Qumar Zaman discussing 2017, including its highly regarded branching out to LaSalle, top storylines and payoffs, the inclusion of Lucha talent into the fold and how they've taken over. We also discuss the new venues in Rosemont and LaSalle, the rise of David Starr (and Eddie Kingston) along w/ WRSTLING, who we both consider AAW's 2017 MVP, the use and elevation of young talent, our predictions for 2018, and the newly minted women's division. Send your thoughts to

Feb 11, 2018
Jerome and Brian celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original Blade movie and the start of an underrated trilogy in the world of comic book films. They discuss Blade and his mom's complicated relationship, the awful special effects in act three, and the greatness of the opening scene. 
Feb 6, 2018

Chris, Rich, and Dylan are back to discuss some big news. ROH getting a huge match (almost stealing it?) from NJPW in Omega versus Cody. The announcement of the HonorClub streaming service. All coinciding with a possible new ROH attendance record reached if the data is correct. The guys also talk about the trend of fresh faces being allowed to thrive/pushed more. They also preview the upcoming SCI Rumble, what MLW is doing right, and talk about some other big news from around the indie scene. Send your thoughts to

Feb 5, 2018
Jerome and Brian are kicking off a month's worth of looking at black superheroes with an examination of the 1993 film Meteor Man. It's not great, but it's a fascinating look at an important piece of forgotten film history. They discuss the the positive message, awful visuals and villains, plus what a potential remake might look like. 
Jan 30, 2018

Chris, Ari, Miccio, and Rich are back for a look back at the year that was 2017 for Ring of Honor. They cover major topics and trends that occurred throughout the year. Talent departures, incoming talents, and more. They go through the attendance, relationship with NJPW, and a lot of banter about what made 2017 successful and what were some short comings when it comes to promotion and booking. They also look forward to 2018 and talk about some fun predictions. Send your thoughts to 

Jan 28, 2018
This week, Jerome and Brian are back for the first ever film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man. Coming out in 2008, this is where it all began. In the same summer as The Dark Knight, witness how Marvel stumbled onto an entire universe just by including one post-credit sequence. Hear the discussion about Robert Downey's journey toward an iconic role and performance. Listen as the duo discuss the underatedness of Gwyneth Paltrow's performance. Marvel (pun intended) at how mediocre even the first villain is. 
Jan 24, 2018

Chris, Dylan, and Rich are back to talk about a lot of news coming out of this past week. The signing of Ricochet, Candice LeRae, and War Machine to WWE. IWA Mid South running their 800th show. They discuss results from IWA, AAW, and AIW. The group then gets into a larger discussion about where the new crop of indie talent are coming from and what schools they come out of. They also discuss the new Youtube guidelines that could be prohibitive to new indie promotions. Other news from around the indie world as well including EVOLVE and PWG news. Send your thoughts to


Jan 23, 2018

It’s a new year and new season for CHIKARA! As promised, JUSTIN has quit and Kevin is flying solo...or is he? Topics discussed include the Season 18 finale, the Parcel of Power, CHIKARA’s upcoming schedule for the year and how it will affect this podcast, plus a full rundown of the Season 19 premiere with predictions! All the details for this Sunday’s wrestling spectacular and more await you!

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Jan 22, 2018
Back in the first year of the century, Marvel has arguably had one decent movie, and that was 1998's Blade. Then it all changed when 20th Century Fox brought in the best of the past, present, and future of superhero films. Flashback to Hugh Jackman's first time as Wolverine and a whole lot of blue and gray. Try and figure out Halle Berry's accent. Listen as Jerome and Brian discuss this film and branch off into other conversations dealing with the franchise and certain comic book films in general. Don't be like what Wolverine calls Cyclops toward the end of this film. Give this podcast episode a listen. 

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Jan 22, 2018

Our annual Year in Review series of podcasts is back and we start with one of the most popular growing international promotions that many of you asked for us to cover, PROGRESS Wrestling. We have put together the perfect team to do this. Our own Suit Williams who does excellent PROGRESS reviews for us here at PWP. He is joined by Richard Benson who does the same for POST Wrestling and The Indy Corner. They cover the year that was 2017 for PROGRESS and look back at some of the most important points and events. Send your feedback to us at

Jan 18, 2018

A mash-up episode for our season finale, as host Johnny P. (@johnphilapavage) speaks finishes up his conversation with Michael McAllister (@MMcAllisterCWF) and has a nice little chat with Joey Hogan (@samoaJoey), who many newer fans of CWF might not realize they know. Also, he has the greatest Twitter profile pic ever, so go friend him and McAllister. Finally, John has a special message to wrap up the year. Thanks for another great season. Support @cwfmidatlantic

Jan 16, 2018

Chris, Rich, and Dylan have a lot to talk about. They discuss the seeming future of EVOLVE with Gabe becoming a WWE consultant and take a look at what the weekend's results could mean for future storylines. Major news from the PWX X16 tournament and new champions are talked about. They also discuss the fallout from PWG including Ricochet possibly going to WWE, ROH's international tours, and more. Send your thoughts to

Jan 15, 2018
There is no superhero film that has generated more conversation than the 1989 Batman film. From the time Michael Keaton was cast to what the ultimate legacy actually is, this film is a mixed bag. Jerome and Brian break down the good and bad. They emphasize the intelligence of Jack Nicholson and downplay Michael Keaton's performance as the man behind the caped cowl. Get ready to crash through the glass and show off where you got this wonderful podcast. 
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Jan 10, 2018

With CWF Mid Atlantic in the midst of Battlecade, Johnny P. enlisted CWF Technical Director Grant Sawyer (@statmark), commentator Cecil Scott (@cecil_miller), and a host of others that did NOT include the Kamakazi Kid (@darkkazi). The origins of Battlecade, the first 12 events, as well as the dominance of the 1st, Ric Converse are discussed. Plus, many cameos for CWF personnel giving us Battlecade moments, memories & matches. A one-time-only super-sized episode.

Jan 9, 2018

Chris and Rich begin 2018 with a helluva show. Lots of topics to discuss include the firing of Brad Stutts from CWF Mid Atlantic. A ROH Champion not signed to contract (AGAIN!?!). Reactions to the big NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 and New Year's Bash shows and some big angles that have come out from both. They also discuss the Women of Honor Tournament, new belts in ROH, Elgin situation, and more. Enjoy and send your thoughts to

Jan 8, 2018
Jerome and Brian fly back around the earth 40 years (but thankfully choose not to change history) to discuss the first modern superhero film, Superman. They discuss how some familiar patterns and tropes of the superhero genre start right from the first scene. They discuss how the producers established credibility with a notable screenwriter and one of the most iconic actors in film history. Christopher Reeve is assessed as the first (and perhaps) version of the character. This is not a bird or plane, but could this film be considered strong enough for the Superhero Pantheon? 
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Jan 4, 2018

Charley from 2 Heels and A Face takes you through his thoughts on Freelance Wrestling's Always Fresh Never Frozen. Our shortest snack size episode yet! We might be getting the hang of this.



Jan 3, 2018
The former HIM, Michael McAllister (@MMcAllisterCWF), drops by the CWF Road Diaries for our first Pod-Counts-Anywhere podcast. Listen as Host Johnny P (@JohnPhilapavage) and McAllister try to have a conversation through handshakes and hellos, arrivals, departures, a nearby locker room door, and CWF Technical Director Grant Sawyer's need to film promos. Somewhere in there the guys manage to chat about the HIM persona, why it was necessary, and what was accomplished by it. 
Jan 1, 2018
Jerome Cusson is back on the PWP feed with a new podcast. He and Brian are starting a new project where they look at every superhero movie ever made and place it into the Hall of Fame, a Pile of Shame, or somewhere in-between. They discuss the inspiration. the schedule, and the criteria. Based on the quality of the heroes, villains, story, visuals, and legacy, the duo will decide how a film stands quantitatively. Check out the preview and strap on your capes for next week as Jerome and Brian get ready to tackle the 1978 film Superman: The Movie.
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Dec 27, 2017

Chris GST and Dylan Waco run down some previews and thoughts for the big upcoming weekend of shows here at the end of 2017. 

Dec 27, 2017
It's Battlecade week, and we have the finish of a conversation with a man who was on many of those Battlecades: Kamakazi Kid (@darkkazi). In the second and final part of this interview Kazi has some physical regrets, talks about the great young talent of CWF and who he wishes he could work a program with. He also enlightens us on just how Brad Stutts changed CWF's Storytelling when he took over creative, the evolution of the CWF in-ring style,  and who loved to work with while he was a regular. Plus, Kazi F-bombs some CWF legends and tells another guttural yet heartwarming story about his guidance of Trevor Lee. Kazi is the best. See you all at Battlecade.
Dec 25, 2017

Ari Berenstein hosts the ROH Retrocast where him and his guests take a look back at some of the greatest ROH shows of the past. This time around, Chris GST and Chris Miccio join him again to discuss what some say is one of the best shows in 2006 and ROH history, Glory By Honor V Night 2 which featured the first time Pro Wrestling NOAH’s GHC title was defended in ROH with Naomichi Marifuji defending it against Nigel McGuinness and the historic ROH title defense between Bryan Danielson (WWE Daniel Bryan) and KENTA. Hope you enjoy and send your thoughts to

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